For Institutions

Services provided to institutions are focused on increasing their efficiency and sustainability and supporting their endurance.
These services aim to support employees in their quest to become flexible, creative, and optimistic. Also, it is aiming at ensuring they are reaching their personal and professional goals, becoming effective leaders, and increasing their competencies in all these areas, restructuring their thinking and behavior in line with their goals.
These services, while supporting those various things mentioned above, also increase self-awareness in general and develop critical thinking and behavior that will help the individuals’ leadership capacities and their professional careers in general. Also, key competencies of self-evaluation and analysis will continue to positively affect the coachees’ personal and professional lives long after the coaching relationship ends.
With these goals in mind, we cooperate with our coachees’ companies and aim to:
  • Help building and raising awareness on their wholeness, values, needs, beliefs, attitudes and capabilities.
  • Encouraging a positive attitude and providing necessary motivation to accomplish their developmental plan and reach their goals.
  • Support them in acting and undertaking behavioral changes to reach desired goals, creating spaces and relationships that will be carry them towards their goal.
We also support employees of all levels to enable them to:
  • Make better and more efficient decisions.
  • Having a career more in line with their values and spirit.
  • Having efficient and high-quality interactions with other people.
  • Working more efficiently with various people, understanding and managing their effect on those people, having more balance and satisfaction in their private and business life.
Higher Management Team Coaching
For institutions, being managed by an efficient team is one of the keys to success. This service aims at strengthening individual relations within the management team, increasing and deepening interaction between those individuals, fostering cooperation, improving and shaping the behavioral models adopted, improving the way the management team is sending messages to their coworkers, and finally increasing the total efficiency of the team and positively contributing to the outcome.
As part of this goal, the services below are provided:
  • • Coaching the team as a whole
  • Providing one-on-one coaching to the team leader and other team members
  • Providing “shadow coaching” to the board of directors and similar important collective processes.
  • Conducting relationship coaching to carry bilateral relationships/li>
  • Raising awareness on the actual state of the team and its members using various inventories and tools.
Team and Group Coaching
This is a practice conducted with teams of 6 to 12 individuals who are either in similar managerial levels or who are working together as part of the same team due to their positions and duties.
In addition, people listed below can benefit from this service. These are people who;
  • Are In the middle of a transformational process,
  • Are on a certain project,
  • Are Starting to work on a newly created project/newly created team,
  • Would like to change their work culture,
  • Would like to construct a common future picture and devise strategies to reach that picture,
  • Having conflicts and who want to manage/overcome those conflicts,
  • Want to be more efficient,
  • Have similar problems and/or goals.
Individual coaching for employees
This service aims at supporting the conditions listed below:
  • Adapting to the changes of task and location,
  • Transitioning to be a manager,
  • Increasing motivation,
  • Creating stronger relationships,
  • Understanding themselves and others.

For Individuals

To provide the individuals with a more enthusiastic, efficient, and productive life, we support them via coaching, NLP applications and various inventories.
  • How do you want your life to be like?
  • Is your life in line with what you were dreaming about it to be like?
  • When you are in a tough situation, how do you get out of it?
  • How can you adopt a more positive outlook towards life?
  • How can you make your life more balanced?
  • How would you plan your career?
  • What is the profession that you want?

For Coaches

It is very important for the profession’s efficiency that coaching is undertaken by the right people in a correct manner.
ICF (International Coaching Federation) and EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Federation) are the two most renown coaching associations in Europe and in the World. They are particularly known for their strong emphasis on ethical conditions and the formation of professional standards in coaching, acting to contribute to these important areas.
Coaches who want to improve themselves, who want to deeply analyze their behaviors and approaches, and who think that that is the only way they can efficiently serve their clients can benefit from the services listed below:

- Mentoring Services During “Coaching”

- Mentoring Services for ICF Accreditations
ICF defines Coaching Mentoring as the process in which the mentee receives professional support to acquire and demonstrate the required coaching competency levels. Mentor Coaching does not deal with the mentee’s personal life balance or other topics that are not directly related to their coaching competency, instead, it focuses on their coaching abilities and improving those.
- Supervising Services to Improve Their Coaching Attitude
Coaching Supervision provides the mentee with a wider and richer experience, aiming at improving the coach’s capacity. One of ICF and EMCC’s main goals is to enable coaches to continually improve themselves professionally by providing them with such opportunities. Coaching supervision thus creates a safe environment to the coach to reach mastership on the methods they are using when coaching their clients, as well as sharing their failures and learning from these.
Coaching supervision is a learning application that aims to benefit the clients and the coaching system by fostering thoughtful dialogue and thus increasing the coach’s capacity. When a coach brings their work to coaching supervision, the learning dialogue based on cooperation between the coach and the supervisor can lead to these benefits:
  • Ensures the continuous improvement and development of the coaching application
  • Creates an opportunity for the coach to better understand themselves, their client, their client’s system and the choices made within that cooperation.
  • Increases awareness about the personal reactions to the client and/or the system and creates a platform for better discovering those reactions.
  • Adopts a repairing role.
Coaching Supervision can include the services below:
  • Discovering the coach’s inner process with the help of an application
  • Creation of the coaching agreement and reviewing other physical or psychological contacts that are or are not explicitly stated.
  • Bringing out blind spots and parallel processes.
  • Ethical issues.
  • Ensuring accountability and that the coach is “fit for the purpose”.
  • Analyzing the coach and the coachee’s environment from all angles to find out the growth potential and opportunities in the system.
ICF’s Stance on Supervision:
ICF recommends coaching supervision to full-time coaches as part of their CPD (Continuing Professional Development) activities portfolio.
Coaching Supervision is regarded as part of CPD and it is different than Mentor Coaching that is leading towards the ICF title.
EMCC Stance on Supervision:
EMCC demands all coaches that are its members to take supervision which will help them receive support, improve and preserve quality in coaching.