Story of the Pearl

Pearl is defined as “beauty, grace and high values” in many languages, and is the only jewelry created by a living organism.
The foreign material, the ore (our cultural codes, conditionings, things we deem true and correct, the life style imposed on us) goes into the living organism, which in turn wraps it and covers it (with our values, emotions, life strategies and our knowledge on humans).
Like the pearl, all of us are constantly trying to create our own jewelry, a jewelry that shines with harmony, determination, love of life, and flexibility of change, oozing with optimism in a graceful manner.
Coaching is a delicate partner that gently wraps and protects the pearl in its journey from ore to jewelry, enabling the layers to be compatible with each other and ensuring the continuation of the journey. It is omnipresent, while the creature is sometimes an individual, an institution, or a system.
Pearls deserve to be protected, shined, and to be themselves to continue embellishing the world.

From Ore
To Jewelry

H. Bahar Zengingönül

Once my coaching journey started, my approach of “paving the way” always accompanied my work.
As a manager and as a mother, “paving the way” was for me the name of the method for creating spaces and opportunities for people around me where they can express themselves freely, take responsibility and transfer their inner richness to their life.
Holding on to my belief that life is bestowed with acceptance of love, sharing, hard work, respecting people and celebrating differences, ...