About Me

My life started as the daughter of a Forestry Engineer and during my earliest years I was surrounded by nature in Antalya. Looking back to those years now, I can see that I have learned, during that era:
- Observing nature, I saw that all creatures are born, do develop in harmony with the environment that surrounds them, and they complete their life circle being helpful and contributing to nature.
- We can reach happiness by using our creativity to gamify life, in other words, reaching maximum happiness and efficiency using resources (trees, flowers, branches, stones) at our disposal.
These observations in my mind are later on coupled with my love for and interest in, and my quest to “understand” people. As a result, after graduating from Ankara Science Highschool, I started my undergrad in METU in Ankara in the only engineering program that had a psychology course.
Focusing on creating systems, efficiently running existing systems and optimizing them, and using resources in the most effective way was my main occupation as a specialist in Karsan, Coats Textiles, and as a departmental head of industrial engineering in Beymen garment industry.
My understanding that no system, no infrastructure and no production efficiency cannot be fully understood without the `human` element and that understanding pushed me towards becoming an HR director. In the HR part of my journey, my main stops were Eval, Vestel and Yeni Karamursel. As an HR manager, I created and managed systems that were fair, that emphasized and made it visible my employees’ contribution.
In this later stage of my career, the answer to the question “how can I pay back life that brought me so much happiness and experience?” was “coaching!” My belief in the fact that life treated me favorably kept me on this path to make it up for that good luck I was given.
Once my coaching journey started, my approach of “paving the way” always accompanied my work. As a manager and as a mother, “paving the way” was for me the name of the method for creating spaces and opportunities for people around me where they can express themselves freely, take responsibility and transfer their inner richness to their life.
Holding on to my belief that life is bestowed with acceptance of love, sharing, hard work, respecting people and celebrating differences, is a harmonious song, I am continuing learning, transferring, sharing and working.

Trainings Received

Neuroscience for Coaches - Prof. Sinan Canan & Dr. Sema Süvarioğlu - February 2018
Supervision for team coaches and team managers / EMCC - Gil Schwenk - November 2017
Supervision in Coaching - EMCC - Dr. Peter Hawkins - February 2016
Team Supervision in Coaching / EMCC - Gil Schwenk - July 2017
Transactional Analysis (TA) I, II, III, IV / EMCC- Dr Hülya Üstel - April 2015
Deciphering the codes of Relationships / Denge Merkezi - Dr. Sema Süvarioğlu - January 2015
Nonviolent Communication / Center for Nonviolent Communication - Vivet Alevi - December 2014
Supervision in Coaching / Julie Hay - October 2014
Basic Psychological Information and Limits for Coaches / Bahçeşehir University Center of Continuous Education - October 2014
NLP Practitioner for Business / Anders Piper (Richard Bandler) - February 2014
Facilitating / Shelia Cooke - December 2012
Four Quadrant Thinking / Erickson Denge Merkezi - Peter Stefanyi, PhD. - November 2012
Spiral Dynamics İntegral/ 5 Deep - Christopher Cooke February-May 2012
Erickson Module V ACTP (Accredited Certified Training Program) - January 2012
Consensus Coaching Training / Erickson Coaching Int. - Dr. Marilyn Atkinson - February 2012
Transformational Trainer’s Training / Erickson Coaching Int. - Dr. Marilyn Atkinson - May 2011
Soul’s Maturity / Erickson Coachıng Int. - Dr. Marilyn Atkinson - May 2011
Family/Couple Coaching (Relationship Coaching) / Erickson Coaching Int. - Dr. Marilyn Atkinson - April 2011
9 Habits of Emotional Intelligence / Erickson Coaching Int. - Dr. Marilyn Atkinson - April 2011
LMI “Leadership Management International” Efficient Individual Efficiency Program - July 2010
NLP Master Practitioner / Erickson Denge Merkezi – Dr. Zerrin Başer - July 2010
NLP Practitioner / Erickson Denge Merkezi – Dr. Zerrin Başer - December 2009
Talent Management / Erickson Coaching Int. - Dr. Marilyn Atkinson - April 2009
Team Coaching / Erickson Coaching Int. - Dr. Marilyn Atkinson - April 2009
Solution-Focused Coaching Training / Erickson Coaching Int. - Dr. Zerrin Başer - November 2008
Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals / The Coaches Training Institute - April 2006
Applied Life Coaching / Foundation College of Applied Life Coaching - June 2005
Dept. of Industrial Engineering / Middle East Technical University, Ankara - 1980